Dietary Changes that can help manage cancer

Cancer is a menace. Let’s face it. And worse of, it’s a business- a booming business. Reports from around the world have more than once revealed human ‘devils’ who have deliberately misdiagnosed individuals just to get a kickback from cancer treatment centers. And if this is not the pure embodiment of evil, then I do not know what is.

More than once, cancer survivors who have gone through zero treatment have attested their healing to dietary changes. A documentary ‘What the Health’ exposes the rot that is in the cancer treatment business and a few success stories of cancer survivors who got healed purely by changing their diets.

A very vital point to note is that, diet is actually 95% of your wellbeing. And even before you get diagnosed with cancer, here are a few dietary changes that you can make to increase your chances of living a full, healthy and satisfying life.

  • Avoid processed foods (Ready to eat)

Walk into any supermarket in Kenya and you will meet processed food where you just tear the park and eat. These foods have been preserved by carcinogenic materials beyond the approved limits. Yes, it is all in an attempt to get the big bucks. These foods include: smokies ( even the road side ones with kachumbari), sausages, sodas and all these canned foods. Avoid these like the plague. Just go to a neat restaurant (if you can’t prepare your own) and order your brown ugali, traditional vegetables and kienyeji chicken.

  • Avoid Red Meat (And white meat to some extent)

We consume too much red meat. That’s a fact! And it shouldn’t be so. Health research has indicated that an average human should eat a maximum of 50 grams per week of red meat. Really, avoid having too much red meat and too often. Buy a quarter a kilo of beef, and eat is as a serving for four utmost twice per week. Replace red meat with first class, plant-based proteins such as beans, green grams, peas, lentils and even chia seeds. These ones, you can eat as often as you want without any particular fears of repercussions.  

  • Avoid too much Sugar

Watch on your sugar intake. And no, it’s not just the number of teaspoons of sugar you put in your tea- that shouldn’t be your main worry. Your main worry should be processed sugar found in all our favorite candy, ice cream, milkshakes, energy drinks and soda. You simply cannot drink soda daily, eat ice cream often or drink energy drinks every time you are high on physical activities. Compensate these with blended natural fruit juice, green smoothies, plain water or the infamous ‘healthy concoction’ – of lemon, ginger, water and a teaspoonful of honey.

  • Eat a lot of fruits, and even more green vegetables

You can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Eat a fruit before you take breakfast. Eat a fruit before lunch and eat a fruit before dinner. NOTE: eat before, not after! Eat fruits preferably on an empty stomach- it will be more useful to your body. Also, always have greens in your meals. Change between kales, spinach and other traditional vegetables such as mchicha, managu and even kunde. Always ensure your greens portion is larger than your starch and protein portion. I know it sucks, but it’s what is right.

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  • Eat whole grain starch and avoid sifted grains.

Almost all the maize flour in supermarkets is sifted. This means that both the husk and the internal germ components have been removed from the grains before they are milled. This basically removes 60% of the nutrients from the flour. In place of sifted maize meal (or any sifted flour), mill your own flour from whole grain. Get your sorghum, millet and maize straight from the farm, or whole grain shop, and get it milled in full. This flour gives you some legitimately nutritious and sweet ugali.

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  • Prepare your food well

You do not have to pour half a liter of oil in your stew or use 1,000 spices to have a delicious meal. Prepare your food well and if you can, use spices in their natural form and minimize the use of oil in your cooking. Reduce your salt quantity and do not overcook your vegetables. If you could, simply boil, or use very little oil in your cooking. It might take some time to adjust to, but I promise you, your body will appreciate the effort and eventually your taste buds will adjust.

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  • Limit (Entirely avoid alcohol)

You see that favorite hard drink that you really like; it could be helping dig your grave. Drinking hard drinks way too often is not good for your health. Avoid hard drinks (vodka, gin, whiskey) especially on a basis that is too often. There are these 3rd generation alcohol beverages that are characterized with being too strong and extremely cheap- these are the most dangerous ones.  Replace them with naturally fermented drinks such as beer but if you could, entirely avoid alcohol as it not only risks your health, but your mental, emotional and social well-being.

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  • Use your microwave well

When warming your food via the microwave, do not warm in plastic. Use ceramic or glass containers and always cover your food with a thick plastic cover. Direct rays from the device will negatively impact your health overtime. Also, if the food can be warmed via the old school sufuria way, use it. It’s safer.

There really isn’t a manual on how to effectively overcome or avoid cancer. Just eat the right food, exercise regularly, go for regular medical checkups and maintain a spiritual lifestyle.

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