8 pillars of good health

  • Nutrition

Food is the fuel of every human being and just as substandard fuel damages machines, so does substandard food damage the body. Eat only what is right and avoid ‘dirty’ foods that will compromise your wellbeing.

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  • Exercise

Work your body out for at least 20 minutes a day. This will keep your body, mind and soul in absolute unison. Further, it will give you that killer body, flawless skin and keep all lifestyle diseases at bay.

  • Water

This has to be the greatest gift God gave to us. You can live for 60 days without food but you will barely survive 3 weeks without water. Water purifies the body, keeps us hydrated and pumps up general wellness of the body. It is recommended by WHO to take in a minimum of 2 liters of pure water a day.

  • Sunshine

Sunshine is the major- and best source of vitamin D. Always spend some time outside and get the gentle evening rays on your skin. Optimal times for the greatest sunshine experience are before 8am and after 5pm though other factors may vary the optimal time for sun basking.

  • Temperance

Like we have always advocated- ensure your emotions are in a positive place constantly. Be happy, avoid stress- stress does not change anything. Don’t get mad for too long, do not harbor grudges unnecessarily and always be the bigger person- apologize- even when it is not your fault. Live, love and laugh it is good for your body.

  • Air

The air we breathe is quite dirty, intoxicated with impurities. Spend time under the shadow of a tree and enjoy fresh air. Breathe to a high lung capacity whenever you can. Oxygen is the main enemy of cancer, so whenever you can, fill up your lungs with clean and fresh air. One of our future article will be on good breathing exercises everyone should do. Keep following us for this- and much more.

  • Rest

Get enough sleep. Rest and relax- always have leisure time and spend it with people you love. It is always awesome to unwind after a day (or week) of hard work. Rest will rejuvenate your body and make you ready for the next activities you might need to do.

  • Trust in God

Hope, peace and joy have been directly linked to religion. Trusting in a higher power will help explain many unexplainable things in the world. Trust in God, go to your place of worship and spend time with fellow believers. It will give your body and mind a sense of belonging and spiritual nourishment that will translate to a good life bursting with health.

NEWSTART- as abbreviated by the first letter in each of the pillars indicated a fresh start in your life. You have just one body- take care of it.

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