How to Detox after ‘over-eating’ during Christmas

I know the festivities have been hectic; especially to our bodies. We have probably all overindulged this Christmas- especially food-wise and drinking. So how do we go about detoxing our bodies so that we do not lose focus of taking care of our precious vessels? Here is our medically approved one-week detox program to help you kick-start your new year.

Kickstart each of your 7 mornings with 500 ml of our Undiluted Aloe Vera and Neem juice (You can dilute to taste with our unadulterated CHNF honey)

Add a teaspoonful of Chia Seeds to your Aloe vera and Neem juice

Spend 10 minutes each morning doing Cardio exercises such as Sprinting, jogging or skipping

Properly hydrate throughout the day drinking at least 3 litres of water each day

At the end of the week detox with our India Parthia seeds that will cleanse your system of all toxins that you would have consumed during the festivities. (We currently have an offer on the seeds during this hectic “Njaanuary” period)

Have a blessed year and fruitful January folks ❤️

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