Nobody Will Take Care of your Body for you

“When you talk to a sick person on their death bed, they often tell you how much they wish they took better care of their bodies!” James Ndungu, medic

It is often so much easier to spend your money on things that eventually add no value to you or your body. But when you sit down with an individual with a terminal illness, you often realize how much regret comes with not caring for your body well enough.

If you can, spare some time daily and exercise (15 minutes is enough). Eat, good, whole, and nutritious food as often as possible i.e supplement all your ready-to-eat, sifted, and processed foods for wholly organic ones. Do things that make you happy as often as possible! (Avoid stress)

They might seem simple, ignorable dos and don’ts, but when push comes to shove, you will realize just how much you helped yourself by implementing these tiny lifestyle changes. Do NOT hesitate; spend your time, effort, and money lengthening and improving your quality of life.

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