Nature’s Finest Natural Cocktail Juice

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Order the nutritious, organic, chemical-free and additive-free cocktail Juice delivered straight to your home.

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Purchase natural juice from Nature’s Finest

Our natural juice contains natural and chemical-free fruits. These fruits are plucked from trees in the Kenyan Highlands. They are blissfully blended to give you an ultimate rich taste that lives in your mouth for ages.

Benefits of our the juice over your everyday drinks include:

  1. Fresh fruits have high levels of antioxidants that nourish and rejuvenate your body.
  2. Helps with digestion by the high level of fibre in the fruits that have been blended.
  3. The juice is definitely more nutritious than your everyday juice bought from the store.
  4. Our juice helps you save a lot of energy by being in its rawest form thereby helping in digestion and increasing overall body metabollism

Contains all your favorite fruits blended and mixed in their MOST natural forms.

The order takes less than 24 hours for processing and delivery.

Whichever of the three juices you choose contains no sugar. Sugar is only added upon request but our Tamarind pulp is sweetened by honey to give you an authentic taste.

In case of any preferences in terms of fruits, we advise our customers to request in advance what fruits they prefer. In case of any allergies to certain fruits, kindly notify us.

Our cocktail juice will definitely give you the best combination in terms of health and a good flavour that will leave your mouth bursting with desire.

For more advise on health matters and nutrition visit our blog or contact us.

Sold in 5 litres.

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Cocktail Juice, Pineapple mint, Tamarind Pulp

6 reviews for Nature’s Finest Natural Cocktail Juice

  1. Loreen Mwende

    Wonderful product

  2. Samuel

    The natural cocktail juice was quite nice, a very wise choice if you’re trying to detox and boost your immune system. Friendly customer care too!

  3. Sheeroh

    Really liked the juice. Quute affordable. Goes bad fast (guess its because of its lack of preservatives), so keep it refrigerated most (if not all) of the time! A good bargain.

  4. Yvonne Mwaniki

    Still cant get over that pineapple mint juice ?! Eeiissshh! I wanna give it a 10 star rating ?

  5. James

    Tamarind pulp juice is good. Loved the uniqueness of the flavour!

  6. Lydia Wanjiru

    Awesome juice, awesome flavour. Loved it ?
    Also, awesome customer service

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