Blue Poppy Seeds- Increase Libido| Improve Fertility


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Blue Poppy Seeds is a 3000 year old seed that has been used to help with increasing libido as well as boosting fertility, especially in women.These amazing tiny seeds, are not only used for these purposes, they have very many medicinal properties. Therefore, this makes them one of nature’s greatest gift to man.

Among many other benefits, Blue Poppy Seeds are known for:

1. Improve Female Fertility

Studies have shown that flushing the fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil can boost fertility. Researchers speculate that the oil can dissolve any debris or mucus in the tubes and increase the chances of fertility. The technique, also called hysterosalpingography.

Poppy seeds can also enhance sexual health. They contain lignans, compounds known to boost libido and sexual desire.

2. Enhance Digestion

3. Cure Sleeplessness

4. Cure Mouth Ulcers

5. Boost Energy

6. Improve Brain Health

7. Strengthen Bones

8. Regulate Blood Pressure

9. Boost The Immune System

10. Improve Heart Health

11. Aid In Diabetes Treatment

12. Prevent Cancer

The tincture of the poppy plant is said to treat cancerous ulcers

13. Help Treat Kidney Stones

14. Enhance Thyroid Function.

15. Help with rejuvenating the skin and treating skin conditions

16. Treat dandruff and help hair growth

All these are just a summary of what these amazing poppy seeds can do for you. They manage so many conditions it is almost impossible to ignore them as a healthy enthusiast. Even if you feel totally healthy with no need for using the poppy seeds, they are just a good addition to ensure you can maximize on all the good products Mother Nature offers. They also come in handy with keeping you young, fit and extremely healthy just as you always desire to be.

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